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APHO Newsletter 05

APHO Newsletter 05
APHO/05 - Oct/Nov 2010
We sincerely hope every body is keeping well. APHO once again comes with news of our activities for the month.

1. Clothing donation:

Winter season has crept in and this means more hardship to those who have nothing and those on the road. Winter in Nepal is very cold and if help don't reach these poor and disabled individuals on time could mean life or death. Keeping this in mind, APHO did every possible wit to collect all kinds of second clothing donations around and happy to let you know that they have been provided as well.

2. Offering free meals:

APHO continues to offer free meal on weekly basis and it is becoming very challenging to find the number going up all the time. Of course, we like to reach all those who come across us and we plead through our website for help and support from compassionate beings.

3. Helping Mina & children:

Main news of the month is Mina Tamang. She is a Nepali citizen and she is 29 years old with three young children (Miss Anu Tamang: 13 years/ Master Amit: 9 years/ Master Anish Tamang: 5 years) depending on her. Her husband left her three years ago and since then she has been begging on the roadside for anything along with her three children. Without the help of her husband, not only is she facing the brunt of hard life but children are suffering terribly.

APHO decided to visit her ramshackle card board and tin roof with terrible living condition and were convinced to help the family of Mina. APHO is happy to let every body know that two eldest children of Mina is now going to school with the help of APHO. The youngest son Anish's case is the worst. He literally crawls around and he is mute at this young age. APHO seriously hope to find some help for this lovely unfortunate child before Anish succumb.

We believe, Mina must have a good karma so she can find a help and solution to save her family from falling apart with misery. We plead all our compassionate friends to make their resources meaningful and open the door to receive the same when in need to oneself. May enlightened one show mercy to Mina.

Before wrapping our newsletters for the month, we sincerely hope that life is good to you all and that "receiving help begins by opening the door of giving" life is so unpredictable and so impermanent. Your help will help you too.
May peace and happiness prevail on this earth.

Khenpo Dakpa Yeshi
"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared." - Lord Buddha
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