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APHO Newsletter 04

APHO Newsletter 04
APHO/04 - Sep/Oct 2010
We hope our well wishers and supporters will enjoy and appreciate our compassionate effort helping the less fortunate. This month we are happy to let our readers know that the Organization has taken some major decisions to care for three impoverished and old couples.

1. Dwarika & Prem:

Prem is a middle age man and he lost his eye sight many years ago due to lack of medical facilities in his village. His poor family and relatives abandoned him and since then he met Dwarika, who can only see with one eye. Between the two, they manage with one eye. APHO visited their place and found that the room is a tiny one with no utensils nor proper bedding. With the given situation, the committee of the APHO decided to care them by providing monthly food allowance, medical care and offer proper set of bedding.

2. Mangal Mai Tamang & Damar Tamang:

Mangal and Damar are not new to the APHO, as they always show up at the free meal occasions. Damar walks with the help of his crutches and his wife Mangal is completely blind. APHO has been keeping eye on them and after visiting their place and finding out that they barely have anything, APHO also took them under the care of the organization and they will receive minimal food allowance and other help as needed.

3. Ngawang Tsering & Dekyi:

They are Tibetan couple and Ngawang, the husband hails from the capital city of Tibet, Lhasa. He fled Lhasa back in 1959 when red Chinese invaded Tibet. His wife Dekyi is from Yulmo, located on the Nepal Tibet border. They met in Kathmandu. Ngawang is 80 years old and Dekyi 67 years old, both live by the road side of the Boudha stupa. APHO, after brief investigation, decided to take them also under the care of the organization providing proper bedding and monthly food allowance.

This month has been a month of decision and we hope to care for more. Our regular free meal is helping the empty stomachs and we encourage our supporters and donors to be part of this compassionate gesture making the lives of the poor a bit easy.
May all sentient beings break free from the bondage of mundane suffering.

Khenpo Dakpa Yeshi
"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared." - Lord Buddha
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