Through the path of "Universal Responsibility" and "Noble Truths" taught by the enlightened one. We must also strive to bring peace, stability and equality in our family on this earth - written by Khenpo Dakpa Yeshi


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APHO Newsletter 01

APHO Newsletter 01
APHO/01 - Jun/Jul 2010
With the inception of APHO two years ago, this is our first ever Newsletter and we intend to be transparent in every sense and as well as update our monthly activities. This Newsletter will be informative and bring awareness to helping OTHERS selflessly.

With this Newsletter, we are also launching our first ever website where you can read everything about us and view photos of how we conduct our activities and to whom we help. We are open to any feedback and suggestions you may have and we sincerely appreciate what you try to do.

Just recently we have taken in Mr. Oshen Magar, age 38. Oshen is blind and so is his brother. Their family could not manage two blind sons, so APHO took Oshen as inmate and now he has been living with us since 11th July 2010. We provide three time meals, bath and a place to sleep under our care. He is young and we aspire to educate him sooner than later.

We appreciate your interest in our compassionate activities and we need your support in all forms. We also have separate page for the membership and one can show their commitment through the membership form. Upon becoming a member we will issue a membership card and you can campaign on our behalf as you deem fit.

We whole-heartedly believe in GIVING which opens the door to RECEIVE, that will lead to peace of mind and serene contentment.

On behalf of APHO I extend my personnel gratitude to all those who helped build this website.

I hope you enjoyed reading our first ever Newsletter and we look forward to giving you more.

Khenpo Dakpa Yeshi
Founder & Director
"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared." - Lord Buddha
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